The feedback

With pride we can say that the Osmosis Workshop 2018 was a great success. The feedback we received has really given us great motivation and energy to do this new one. We've also asked for critical feedback to keep improving our event which we will also share with you and how we have improved it.

Testimonials Osmosis 2018

Marco & Claudia Casamassima

"Osmosis is more than a workshop. I would recommend to anyone who wants to bring his own business to the next level.
It is an opportunity to meet passionate and interesting people, and I'm sure I brought home an important piece of knowledge.
Osmosis is not a conference! It's an adventure!"

Leann Fyvie

This was freakin incredible! I’m so so happy and grateful I found this workshop. You were all so kind and genuine... professional but funny as hell. I felt like I was around my kind of people. The filmmakers there also demonstrated what an amazing workshop this was, these were experienced amazing filmmakers. I felt like I learned from everyone there and built relationships that can last a lifetime! I am hoping to have one of them fly out to film with me on New Years because they’re thinking of moving to the United States. I think this is simply amazing and something that can only be done and trusted in person.

From the bottom of my heart and my drone, thank you! You guys are freaking incredible people and talented beyond words. Thank you

Would you recommend this to others?
"Without question. You’d be surrounded by talented filmmakers that are passionate. That alone is refreshing. You’d learn from seasoned, talented, incredible, and very experienced filmmakers that truly want to help you grow. From start to finish it’s extremely organized and stress-free.

A huge piece to pull everything together is the hands on experience. You focus on filming an entire day to watch and learn as well as add stunning pieces to your portfolio. You also can walk away with an actually storyline, not just nice footage... that was so impressive and appreciated by the way!!! The relationships you will build are priceless."

Matt Garza

"I'd totally recommend attending an Osmosis workshop. Getting to meet other talented filmmakers from around the world, and establishing new friendships was awesome. Not to mention all of the information I was able to absorb from Kreative Weddings & Maru Films will help me step my wedding film-making game up for sure. Just one week after the workshop I've already made some improvements in my color grading and editing flow, and have shot a wedding this past weekend with some new techniques and perspectives in my tool belt. Sign up, you won't regret it!"

Jess Nadolski

"I would 100% recommend this workshop to anyone who is a filmmaker! I honestly was so nervous coming into this workshop. I felt like (and probably was) the least experienced person in the group and therefore I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Ricardo and Remi, I feel forever grateful for you both! You didn't just throw information at us, you were such wonderful teachers and down to earth people. I still find myself pretty emotional after this week and processing all this information. I struggle a lot still with finding confidence in myself and my art. You made it such a point to create with intention and our hearts. I'm blown away with all of your talents and I find you all (Ricardo, Anne, Remi, and Pui-Yuk included) to be my greatest inspirations. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for being wonderful people to have real, transformative conversations with us not only in class, but over dinners and lunches and sharing all of your knowledge with us. I'm nervous, but excited to take my films to the next level and keep growing as a storyteller. I look forward, and am already excited for to Osmosis #2!"

What we learned

We were happy to hear that everyone was very satisfied with the event and the organisation. But being the perfectionists we are we also want to create an even better event. So we asked the attendees also what they would've wanted to see different. And these are the main points:

  • More time to shoot with the couples
  • The group was too big for the shooting
  • More time for personal mentoring

So we take this feedback and make this event better by changing the following things:

  • Make an online course for the basic stuff so we have to spend less time talking
  • Reduced the group size from 25 to 16.
  • By reducing the group size we will be able to give everyone more personal attention. And really focussing more on mentoring rather than speaking