Our Philosophy

An event where we really focus on hands-on practical approach to learning. Where we will be there as mentors, to help and guide you while you are shooting and editing. So that in the end you will have a valuable piece in your portfolio that allows you to get your dream clients.

2 Events choose your date

This year we decided to make the groups smaller and host two events right after each other. So people can also choose weather they want to come during week time or weekend. Although both events have limited capacity.

Monday, Oct 28 - Wednesday, Oct 30
Friday, Nov 1 - Sunday, Nov 3


A 3 full-day workshop consisting of sharing knowledge on our approach and being able to shoot for your own portfolio in Italy.

Day before Workshop: Arrival
Sunday, October 27th / Thursday, October 31th

Arrival at Workshop venue

Day 1: Theory and Shooting
Monday, October 28th / Friday, November 1st

The Business

Wedding prep
First look

Day 2: Shooting
Tuesday, October 29th / Saturday, November 2nd

Couple shoot at different locations
First dance shooting

Day 3: Editing
Wednesday, October 30th / Sunday, November 3rd

Everybody starts editing their own film
Color grading

Day after Workshop: Return
Thursday, October 31th / Monday, November 4th

Breakfast and goodbyes


The different things we will be covering during this workshop

  • Loads of shooting and tips
  • Storytelling Building engaging stories
  • Editing tips both in Premiere and Final Cut
  • Audio optimisation and sound design
  • Color grading
  • Deep dive into our edits
  • How to work with photographers
  • Getting the most out of your business
  • Getting your dream clients